Our team of over 170 employees in Canada and International builds and manages projects with an average annual value of over $1 billion in construction costs.
The approach we have developed focuses on sustainability based on the building life cycle. The services offered by our three divisions—Regis Cote et associes, Planifika and ID Studio—work in synergy to furnish you with all the advice, support and assistance you will need, from preliminary design to the management of your asset. Our innovative approach measures the actual financial impact of any design on your facilities' long-term strategic objectives and operating costs, so that your decisions are data driven. The result is sustainable design and management, or SDM .
Our corporate structure starts with Regis Cote et Associes, a firm that has developed a sustainable approach to architecture ever since its founding in 1976. We reflect this vision in our client engagements by showing equal respect for people, the environment, budgeted costs and schedules. And what enables us to work this way are the dedicated professionals who stand by you through every phase of your project. Their commitment is a measure of the total responsibility we take for our performance and our advice.
As our practice is constantly evolving and our goal has always been to provide a full range of real estate services, in 2005 we established a subsidiary specializing in sustainable property management, Planifika. The veteran professionals on that staff support real estate managers in the maintenance of their properties by converting operational information into financial data, through performance indicators and management tools. This creates the ability to know in real time what condition a property is in and therefore how to prioritize plans for bringing a property up to standard.
We continued our corporate development by founding ID Studio in 2008 . The specialists in this division help our own staff with the visual modeling and presentation of your projects, in 3D or video. The work they do using virtual simulation brings your project to life with unmatched clarity and realism.